UK Hair Specialists Reconditioner

£49.95 inc. VAT

Reconditioner that Eva uses during her in-clinic treatments. This can be used weekly to keep the hair hydrated and easy to manage.

This Reconditioner is also included in our at-home scalp treatment pack.



This hair cream rehydrates and conditions all hair types, particularly dry, damaged, or coloured hair.

The hair is made up of 10% water, and it really needs hydration rather than oil to keep it soft, silky and easy to manage. Oil actually prevents the hair from absorbing water, so it prevents it from hydrating rather than encouraging it.

This is a super-rich reconditing treatment that is applied to the hair during clinic treatments when scalp creams are being used or as a stand-alone treatment. The olive oil and Glycerine help to give the hair a shine and make it feel soft to the touch.

Cationic Surfactants (CS) are the materials that make a conditioner so effective. A single CS will have a positive condition effect on the hair, but in this conditioning treatment, we have used two because we have found that by combining these two high-quality materials, the synergistic conditioning effect they have on the hair is outstanding.

The pure, rich Tuscan olive oil we use in this product is an excellent oil for conditioning the hair. It has excellent moisturising properties, and it helps to protect the surface of the hair from damage which can be caused by hairdressing procedures or environmental factors. Olive oil is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-ageing ingredient that will hydrate and moisturise the hair and scalp; it also reduces scalp irritation and minimises the appearance of flaking in the hair and on the scalp.

Glycerine is a thick, syrupy-type liquid that is colourless, odourless, non-toxic and sweet tasting because it’s a sugar. The glycerine we use is derived from soybeans and is 100% natural. Glycerine is commonly used in pharmaceutical formulations such as cough medicines because of its soothing effect and in cosmetic products because of its humectant properties. The humectant pulls moisture into the hair and scalp and provides an effective barrier to prevent the moisture from being lost, keeping the scalp calm and the hair smooth and hydrated.

Application instructions, gloves, and a spoon are provided.

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