UK Hair Specialists Reconditioner

£49.95 inc. VAT

Reconditioner that Eva uses during her in-clinic treatments. This can be used weekly to keep the hair hydrated and easy to manage.

This Reconditioner is also included in our at-home scalp treatment pack.



The hair is made up of 10% water and it really needs hydration rather than oil to keep it soft, silky and easy to manage. Oil actually prevents the hair absorbing water so prevents it from hydrating rather than encourages it.

The reconditioning treatment contains Glycerine, which is a humectant, this means that it pulls moisture into the central protein cortex of the hair giving hydration both within the structure and around the outside. This treatment should be kept cool (ideally in a fridge) and used within 1-2 months.

The ointment is very effective, and you really do not need a lot of it to get fantastic results. The product comes with a pair of disposable gloves, 2x dispensing spoons and full instructions on how to use.

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