Tony Maleedy Juniper Therapy Conditioner

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Tony Maleedy Conditioner for all hair types with problematic scalps



Tony Maleedy Juniper Therapy Conditioner

This high-quality conditioner is designed to penetrate deep into the hair structure to moisturise and condition the hair at micro-cellular level rather than just treating the surface of the hair.

This product is rich in organic avocado, almond, coconut and olive oils, as well as extract of juniper, glycerine and wheat amino acids which help to reform broken bonds in the hair giving it more strength and elasticity.

After washing, this treatment should be left on the hair for three minutes or longer to allow the maximum level of product to be absorbed into the hair.

These special ingredients help to increase the hair’s elasticity and strength, giving it shine and body and leaving it feeling silky smooth.

• Made with juniper extract and organic oils.
• Increases strength and elasticity of hair.
• Provides a glossy shine.
• Intense long lasting moisture.

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