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Trichologist Approved Hair Supplement

Tricoextra is a hair supplement that has been developed by leading Clinical Trichologist Eva Proudman MIT IAT. It has been specially formulated with Eva’s patients in mind, to help resolve excessive hair loss. Tricoextra is packed with essential micronutrients at the optimum level, which gives support to your daily nutrition and provides everything essential to the hair and scalp.

The hair follicle is the second fastest dividing cell in our bodies. The only cells that divide quicker are found in the gut, which we need to stay alive. Sadly, our hair isn’t essential to our survival, and hence the body very cleverly puts its very high need at the lowest priority as we can live without it. We think this demonstrates why we need to support our hair health from within!

Tricoextra is an easy to take, twice daily supplement specifically formulated to maintain healthy hair

Developed by leading Trichologist Eva Proudman MIT IAT, specifically formulated to help resolve excessive hair loss

Packed with vitamins and minerals which supports to your daily nutrition to provide everything essential to the hair and scalp


Tricoextra ensures that I can give my patients the very best in supplementation at a very affordable price

“I suffer from an excessive hair shedding myself following bariatric surgery a decade ago. I know first-hand how stressful it can be to see handfuls of hair in the shower, in the brush and around the house. This supplement really does work, I developed it with passion and a desire to make it available and affordable to everyone.”

Eva Proudman MIT IAT