Healthy Hair Starts From Within

About Tricoextra

Trichologist Approved Hair Supplement

Tricoextra Hair Loss Supplement was developed by leading Clinical Trichologist Eva Proudman MIT IAT, who worked very closely with a team of Nutritionists to really understand what ingredients are essential for the hair and the scalp. It was originally specially formulated with Eva’s patients in mind, to help resolve excessive hair loss.

Tricoextra is packed with essential vitamins and minerals at the optimum level, which gives support to your daily nutrition and provides everything essential to not only the hair and scalp, but your skin and nails too. 

For many reasons, Eva is passionate about being able to provide her clients and customers with a hair supplement that really works. Tricoextra only uses the best ingredients, to make sure that they are easy to take, quick to absorb, and of course, give results!

What’s in Tricoextra…

…and what do they do?

This hair loss supplement is packed with essential vitamins and minerals at the optimum level that the body can use effectively each day. Some of the key ingredients include: 

Tricoextra is packed with ingredients, all of which were hand picked by Eva and her team of Nutritionists to ensure that the hair and scalp get everything essential, resulting in the healthiest hair possible. Find out more about every ingredient included in this supplement, and what it brings to your hair health.

Developed by Leading Trichologist

Eva Proudman MIT IAT

Eva developed Tricoextra over a 5 year period, and prides herself on the passion, care and scientific and Trichological knowledge that went into the development of her supplement. After seeing such great results on her own hair, she decided she couldn’t not share it with her clients and customers.