Trichologist Approved Hair Supplement

Tricoextra is a hair supplement developed by leading Trichologist Eva Proudman MIT IAT, which provides support to your daily nutrition to provide everything essential to the hair and scalp.

Today’s lifestyle is very busy with lots of added stresses. Our diets are not always as great as they could be. Our stores of essential vitamins and minerals tend to become lowered or depleted. All of these factors can cause the hair to shed, thin or become weakened or brittle.

The hair follicle is the second fastest dividing cell in our bodies. The only cells that divide more quickly are found in the gut. We need our gut to stay alive, sadly our hair isn’t essential to our survival, hence the body very cleverly puts its very high need at the lowest priority as we can live without it. We think this demonstrates why we need to support our hair health from within!

Our Trichologist approved hair supplement is packed with essential micronutrients at the optimum level that the body can use effectively each day.


£39.95 inc. VAT

Tricoextra 60 day supply

Food Supplement

Multi-nutrient formula with Biotin and Selenium, which contribute to the maintenance of normal hair.

Eva Proudman MIT IAT

Why I Developed Tricoextra

“I suffer from an excessive hair shedding myself following bariatric surgery a decade ago. I know first-hand how stressful it can be to see handfuls of hair in the shower, in the brush and around the house. My Tricoextra hair supplement supplement really does work! It has been developed with passion, and a huge wealth of knowledge about the hair and scalp health. 

There are many different hair supplements on the market. However, many of them, despite a hefty price tag don’t contain all of the ingredients, at the right level, to be effective in treating the hair and scalp. That is why I developed Tricoextra with a desire to make it available and affordable to everyone.

Tricoextra ensures that I can give not only my patients, but anyone looking for healthier hair the very best in supplementation at a very affordable price. To ensure maximum benefits for your hair and scalp I would always recommend a Trichological consultation.

A Trichological consultation will cover every aspect of your hair and scalp health, and will identify all of the underlying causative factors that are causing your particular problem. In some cases, supplementation may only be part of the solution which is why I prefer to see patients before offering them this supplement.

Our hair is our crowning glory, it defines who we are and helps us to look and feel great. But it really needs to be looked after. It’s the second fastest dividing cell in the body, but we don’t need it. Therefore our very clever body always puts it at the bottom of the priority list. Tricoextra provides what the body can’t to maintain your hair and scalp health.”