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Many of our customers often get in touch with us to share with us the incredible results from taking Tricoextra. This can include anything from thicker hair to softer skin and stronger nails. 

We understand that concerns over your hair can be a very personal thing which is why we give you the option to post your stories as anonymous, but sharing them with us does help others – thank you to those who have chosen to share with us!

This is most definitely helping to encourage new hair growth after a period of hair pulling. Have been using now for over 2 months and will be carrying on with Tricoextra. Really pleased to have found this x.
I had a consultation with Eva and I'm very pleased to say I have seen such an improvement from the Eva's Tricoextra tablets! I'm already ordering some more to make sure I don't run out!
My hair feels so much healthier and thicker since taking Tricoextra, it really has helped to stop my hair shedding, and my hair has started looking amazing again!
Leamington Spa
I saw Eva on an Instagram with Michael Douglas and had been losing a lot of hair in the brush and when washing so I thought I’d give them a try and I have to say after using for a while the hair in the brush is definitely less! I feel more energetic too.
Greater London
Thank you so much for helping me with my sudden hair loss, you have no idea how stressed I was. Eva instantly put me at ease, both Eva and her Tricoextra tablets are amazing, and I have my hair back too
I have been taking Tricoextra since seeing Eva in clinic last year. I am so very pleased, I've noticed a huge difference in my hair, it feels so much thicker and is no longer shedding. I definitely recommend Tricoextra!
I found Eva through Instagram and I'm so glad I did. Prior to my appointment I had already bought Tricoextra, and although I'm not that far into my journey of improving my hair quality, I definitely feel that I can already see an improvement in density. After having a very thorough and informative consultation where Eva was able to give me a proper diagnosis, my anxiety over my hair loss dissipated and for the first time in years I felt that there was actually hope and that I wouldn't end up a bald middle-aged woman. I intend to keep taking Tricoextra forever now and can't wait to see further improvements. I would definitely recommend Tricoextra if you want to feel certain that your hair and scalp are receiving the nutrients they need for optimum hair health.
I was concerned about my ever-thinning hair, I had been to my GP several times who just put it down to ageing. When I saw Eva she put me at ease straight away, she really does understand the anxiety a hair problem causes. Eva identified a problem with my hair and requested blood tests from my GP, these revealed that I had a chronic thyroid problem that had gone undetected and needed immediate medical attention. Eva worked with my Endocrinologist and thanks to her and her excellent Tricoextra hair supplement, my hair is recovering well and my health too. Making my appointment with Eva was literally life changing for me.
Stratford Upon Avon
So excited to be taking Tricoextra ... I’ve been taking them for 2 months now, my hair is still shedding but I know it’s to early for total results, but I’m persisting as I know they will work! My nails are stronger and my hair does feel different... so if this is after 2 months!! Exciting eh!
Thank you Eva for working with me on my male pattern hair loss the combination of treatments has transformed my hair and given me back my confidence. Sorry to have kept on coming back with so many questions, and a big thank you for always answering them so patiently and re-assuring me that I would get to this great result.
My hair does feel stronger and shiny. I did get a reaction once but it was because I had taken them without food!
Honestly have not noticed a huge difference in the first few weeks apart from not as much hair going down the drain, I do have new short hairs starting to grow, will continue to use, the tablets.
I’m nearly at the end of my first bottle. These are super easy to take and no nasty smell or taste.Post menopause my hair has thinned drastically. I wouldn’t say I’m seeing new growth but I have seen positives: On good days my hair seems shinier. My hair loss rate seems to be slowing. My ridged nails are starting to smooth out. My nails are definitely stronger. I seem to have more energy. I’m looking forward to continuing with a second bottle and then evaluating my hair again.
Newcastle Upon Tyne
I started using Tricoextra to see if it would thicken and maybe even encourage my hair to grow. Being honest, I haven’t used it twice a day, every day as suggested therefore so far haven’t noticed a difference. That said, having seen the results other people have experienced I am going to order a second bottle and try to be more disciplined!

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