Tricoextra Formulation


About Tricoextra
Tricoextra Formulation

I am really excited to bring you a series of short videos that talk about the ingredients that go into my hair supplement, Tricoextra, and the science behind the development of the formulation and how it works with your hair.

Ideally, we should obtain all of the vitamins and minerals that we need from our diet, however with today’s busy lifestyles and so many factors that can affect our gut, often we find that we are not getting everything that we require from diet alone and this is where using a specific, scientifically developed supplement can really help.

I developed Tricoextra because of my own hair thinning, after major bariatric surgery I found that I was shedding a lot of hair and that it was really thinning all over.  I worked with a Nutritionist to understand the impact of the surgery and what had been affected and why.  I take Tricoextra every day for my hair and general health as it ensures that I keep my vitamin and mineral levels within a healthy normal range, and by the way as the hair skin and nails all share similar protein structures you will see benefits to all 3 when you use Tricoextra.

Eva xx

The Ingredients in the Tricoextra Formulation