About Eva Proudman MIT IAT

Leading Clinical Trichologist

Eva Proudman MIT IAT

Why Eva Developed Tricoextra

As a clinical Trichologist, Eva’s passion is helping everyone achieve healthy hair and a well-balanced scalp. In order to be able to do this, we have to provide the right balance and level of vitamins and minerals to feed our hair and scalp from within. This is exactly why Eva developed Tricoextra. 

Following 4 years of working with this supplement and seeing the amazing results time after time, Eva decided to take the step of making it available via a network of specially trained hair professionals, and of course her own clinics. 

Eva received so much positive feedback about her hair loss supplement, and saw so many amazing results, that she wanted to take Tricoextra one step further, and made it more accessible to people outside of her private clinics. 

Eva’s Background

Leading Clinical Trichologist

Eva qualified as a Trichologist with the prestigious Institute of Trichologists, having graduated with credit and being awarded the John Firmage award for her consistent dedication to her studies.

Eva is a highly sought after Hair Specialist and with over 18 years experience working in her field, her knowledge about hair is unquestionable. She diagnoses the causes of hair fall, breakage, thinning, diseases of the scalp and offers both industry professional and consumers, specialist advice on the most appropriate solutions.


My Hair Story

“I suffer from an excessive hair shedding myself following bariatric surgery a decade ago. I know first-hand how stressful it can be to see handfuls of hair in the shower, in the brush and around the house. This supplement really does work, I developed it with passion and a desire to make it available and affordable to everyone.

There are many different hair supplements on the market. However, many of them, despite a hefty price tag don’t contain all of the ingredients, at the right level, to be effective in treating the hair and scalp. That is why I developed Tricoextra.

Tricoextra ensures that I can give my patients the very best in supplementation at a very affordable price. To ensure maximum benefits for your hair and scalp I would always recommend a Trichological consultation.

A Trichological consultation will cover every aspect of your hair and scalp health, and will identify all of the underlying causative factors that are causing your particular problem. In some cases, supplementation may only be part of the solution which is why I prefer to see patients before offering them this supplement.”

Eva Proudman MIT IAT

Developed by Leading Trichologist

Eva Proudman MIT IAT

Eva developed Tricoextra over a 5 year period, and prides herself on the passion, care and scientific and Trichological knowledge that went into the development of her supplement. After seeing such great results on her own hair, she decided she couldn’t not share it with her clients and customers.